Taking full advantage of onsen

Places to maintain and promote health through onsen usage

In addition to traditional hot spring cures such as utase-yu (waterfall baths) and mushi-yu (steam baths) at health promotion facilities, institutions that offer onsen programs for health promotion and feature modern facilities that employ onsen science and exercise physiology are gaining a great deal of renown lately. Onsen experts and bathing guides who are possessed of specialized knowledge work at these institutions, and visitors can consult them on health related issues. Other benefits of these institutions include the creation of effective bathing and exercise programs.

For example...

Bathing programs between thirty and sixty minutes are offered for different purposes such as stress reduction and reducing fatigue.
■Bathing program for stiff lower back and shoulders
*Kake-yu(pouring water on your body) 10 times
*Kiho-yoku(bubble bath) 5-10 minutes
*Ne-yu(sleeping bath) 10-15 minutes
*Rest 5-10 minutes
*Utase-yu(waterfall bath) 3-5 minutes
*Whole body/partial bathing 5-10 minutes
*Rest 30-60 minutes
Bathing program for stiff lower back and shoulders

What are institutions that offer onsen programs for health promotion?
Institutions displaying this mark meet requirements prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and have been approved by that ministry as facilities that can offer onsen programs for health promotion.

Unusual bathing methods

Onsen resorts all over the country feature a variety of unique bathing methods that employ waterfalls, steam, mud, sand, and more. Each offers different beneficial effects, so why not try one that is ideal for your own constitution and physical condition?

When drinking spring water, temperature is the key!

Drinking spring water has direct effects on your digestive system. It is said that if you continue drinking it for a long period of time, you can relieve gastrointestinal disorders, liver disease, and constipation. Hot water weakens stomach stress and is good for gastric hyperacidity, while cold water invigorates your stomach and is good for reducing stomach acid and relieving constipation. Because you're drinking water that comes from a natural spring, make sure to do so at a licensed location after checking the included components and which conditions the water is recommended for.
When drinking spring water, temperature is the key!

Onsen inhalation

Few onsen resorts offer facilities for onsen inhalation. At such facilities, the bather inhales onsen steam, gas, or spring water mist. Springs used for this type of bathing method include chloride springs and sodium bicarbonate springs.
Onsen inhalation