Overview of activities


The increase of chronic ailments commonly referred to as "life-style related diseases" is adversely affecting our national daily living. These diseases may be in part related to lack of exercise caused by life-style in modem society, mounting stress becoming more and more complex, and misunderstanding about nutrition and diet. In addition, overwork followed by muscle fatigue as well as iatrogenic illnesses caused by the improper use of drugs are reported as a problem to be solved.

To reduce these widespread health problems, measures to combat sickness such as early detection and conventional treatment, alone, are not enough. Rather, it is necessary to consider the demanding requirements of proper health care and engage in health improvement measures built on a life style and exercise habits that bring about better health. In light of this, the need to develop health improvement programs including hot spring, climate, and exercise treatments taking advantage of rich, natural environments has become apparent.

With national leisure time increasing, the desire for health care and physical improvement among individuals is rising at remarkable speed. However, owing to the shortage of suitable health programs and places to practice them, leisure activities do not go beyond relaxation, and Japan's legacy of hot springs is used almost entirely for purposes of entertainment and sightseeing. In effect, health care and physical improvement go largely ignored.

Taking into account the present state of affairs, the Japan Health & Research Institute was established to develop and promote prescriptions for exercise, life-style, rehabilitation programs, and other activities for the healthy and moderately ill with a focus on introducing natural treatment calling for hot springs, proper diet, climate, and other related elements. These activities are performed in close cooperation with the Japanese Association of Physical Medicine Balneology Climatology and various other societies and institutes with the aim of building a national program of health-building and rehabilitation in connection with facilities suitable for the purpose of answering the many requests for health improvement from individuals caught up in today's hectic environment.



1. Purpose

The institute offers assistance and instruction in basic research on natural, climatic, dietary and physical treatment, etc. to improve and regain national health. Based upon these principles, the institute develops and propagates a rehabilitation plan at health resorts in addition to offering research and development as well as advice on rehabilitation programs for children, adults, and the moderately ill.

2. Activities

We engage in the following in order to achieve our objective.

  1. (1)
    Assist with research on hot springs, climate, diets, physical treatments, etc.
  2. (2)
    Collect data on hot springs, climate, diets, physical treatments, etc.
  3. (3)
    Assist in the research and development of rehabilitation systems related to hot springs, climate, diets, physical treatments, etc.
  4. (4)
    Develop rehabilitation programs
  5. (5)
    Survey hot spring qualifications with respect to health improvement capabilities
  6. (6)
    Conduct health diagnostics
  7. (7)
    Present rehabilitation programs based on health diagnostic results, introduce health improvement programs in daily life, and supply necessary related information
  8. (8)
    Exchanges of information and promotion with related domestic and foreign organizations
  9. (9)
    Perform other research necessary to achieve the institute's objective


1. Research Grants

The institute enjoys the assistance of other researchers and research institutes in its research on health improvement and rehabilitation.

2. Research

We engage in independent research for the development of our health improvement and rehabilitation programs based on natural treatment associated with hot springs, climate, diet and exercise, and taking advantage of natural environments. We report the results of research to the Japanese Association of Physical Medicine Balneology and Climatology, the Japan Health Diagnostic Medical Society, the Japan Rehabilitation Medical Society, and other institutions.

3. Instructions and Propagation

We propagate our health improvement and rehabilitation program and undertake various activities as a means to establish true hot spring health resorts that fulfill various conditions and needs as places suitable for our program, which include:

  1. (1)
    Plans to establish rehabilitating hot springs
  2. (2)
    Basic planning and acceptance of the hot spring rehabilitation system
  3. (3)
    Basic planning, instruction and propagation of the hot spring rehabilitation program
  4. (4)
    Basic planning and acceptance of health improvement facilities that employ water-based techniques
  5. (5)
    Planning and instruction regarding "health improvement and rehabilitation trips"
4. International Exchange

Survey groups are dispatched annually to advanced European nations to study hot spring rehabilitation methods.

5. Health Diagnostic Functions

We established our General Health Diagnostic Center in 1975, and are performing health diagnostic care by advocating the need for daily health control to medical examinees, specially qualified nutritional and rehabilitation instructors, and other related individuals.